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The guidelines and benefits of the i-angel hipseat baby carrier.

When can I start using i-angel hipseat carrier?

  • The recommended baby body weight is approximately 3.5 - 20kg.

  • We suggest that the product is used in the facing out position from the point at which the babies can support their own head.

Why is it important to carry your baby?

Baby wearing has become a growing trend as it contributes to the creation of a close connection and an emotional bond between baby and parent.

Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Babies spend less time crying and fussing. They are calmer because their needs are being met.

  • Babies are more alert; the sounds of the womb (mother’s rhythmic voice, heartbeat and breathing) are still helping to regulate the baby

  • Babies are interactive sooner. They see and hear everything their wearer sees and hears and can study facial expressions, learn languages quicker and understand body language.

  • Babies are smarter because they are intimately involved in the environment of their parents. Developmental milestones such as learning to walk, talk, and toilet train are reached earlier

  • Babies develop better self esteem, feel more secure and safe now and later in life

  • Babies have a decreased risk of flat head syndrome caused by extensive amount of time spent in a car seat and/or sleeping on their back

  • Babies establish independence earlier

I am concerned about hip dysplasia, is the baby posture safe in the hipseat carrier?

We encourage parents to refer to the information and guidelines that have been prepared by the Hip Dysplasia Institute. It explains what to look for in a “hip healthy” carrier.


  The optimal position for babies, when being carried, is to have their thighs supported and their hips and knees bent (flexed). For healthy hips, the legs should be allowed to spread apart naturally and for freedom of movement to occur. Having seen the i-Angel baby carrier in use, I was impressed to see the baby well supported in a comfortable, seated position with appropriate support at the thighs in all possible positions of use. His position mimicked what we’d hope to see naturally with the hips spread and bent, knees bent and movement still able to occur. It is great to see a baby carrier allow for safe and comfortable carrying of the baby whilst maintaining a healthy position for the developing hips.

Lucy Llewellyn-Stanton, Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist

Is it safe to suck and chew the fabric while my baby is teething?

The hipseat carrier is 100% cotton and comes with organic cotton teething pads, the raw cotton has been cultivated and produced using the freeze-drying method without using pesticides or chemicals.

I have suffered from back and shoulder pain using baby carriers in the past, how is i-angel different?

The i-angel hipseat carrier has the baby supported and seated at the hip and waist area of the carrier. This weight load design greatly reduces the weight that would otherwise have been exerted on the spine and shoulders using a conventional baby carrier. The i-angel hipseat carrier is extremely light weight at less than a kilogram, making it extremely easy to carry around for daily use.

How do I wash my i-angel hipseat carrier?

To look after your 100% cotton hipseat carrier, we recommend a cold wash to avoid any fading and to remove any minor spots and marks, use a clean damp cloth. Please refer to the washing instruction on the label.

How do I ensure I am using the product safely?

It is the wearer’s responsibility to ensure that the i-angel hipseat carrier is safe to use and that it is worn correctly. Dinky Dragon Ltd have provided safety literature with each purchase, that advises every purchaser to refer to our website and video for a visual demonstration, to ensure safe use of the product.

Dinky Dragon Ltd accepts no liability for harm caused as a result of the i-angel hipseat carrier

If you feel that the i-angel hipseat carrier may have become unsafe through wear and tear, or has been damaged in any way, do not use it and contact us at for further advice

What happens if I change my mind once I receive my product?

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What if I change my mind before I receive the product?

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What happens if my product is faulty?

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What happens if I have been sent the wrong product?

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What happens if my product is damaged?

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What happens if my product has stopped working?

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When will I receive my order?

We aim to deliver all stocked items to you within 7 working days from the day that you place your order.
Dinky Dragon Ltd will not accept liability for any delay to delivery beyond our control.

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