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i-angel hipseat carrier

Made of 100% cotton,  the i-angel is a baby carrier, hipseat and toddler backpack all in one

i-angel Hipseat Carrier


The amazing award winner i-Angel hipseat carrier

The amazing award winner i-Angel hipseat carrier

The USP of the i-angel is the moulded hipseat on which the baby sits.  The baby’s legs fall into the ‘frog leg’ position for healthy hips and spine - but also the hipseat allows for the weight of the baby to be carried through the wearer’s hips, relieving stress on shoulders and back.  This means you can carry a baby for longer periods of time and more importantly a heavier baby allows you to carry the baby as they grow bigger.   The carrier can be used alone as a hipseat to carry a baby though to the age of three as well as being a breast feeding aid in the early months.  The carrier part is easily and securely attached to make the hipseat into a soft structured carrier where baby can face in or face out and then also as a backpack when the child grows.  



  1. Hipseat (facing in/out/side)
  2. Hipseat carrier (facing in/out)
  3. Toddler Backpack


The carrier has detachable pockets to allow breathability in hot weather, a sleeping hood that is UV protected and organic cotton removable teething pads.  Every component picked y i-angel is the highest quality, give your baby the best!