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Our Story

Dinky Dragon's mission is simple: We want to distribute children’s products that we all can use and believe in. 

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We are four best friends who met in our first jobs in media in London. We still look back with a giggle on those days filled with advertising lunches and client entertainment.  Thirteen years on and our friendship has seen us through many of life’s ups and downs.  Together we’ve done the new jobs, the weddings, moving house and continent, health blips and heartache and of course, the baby arrivals! In fact, we have seven under-fives between us.

As mothers we loved carrying our babies close to us, but thought this was only possible when they were really little and light enough. The baby carrier seemed a short-lived product until we discovered the i-angel hipseat baby carrier whilst on holiday together last year in France.  Suddenly we realised there could be a revolutionary product to support a baby through to their toddler years.  The i-angel hipseat baby carrier is ideal for freeing up your hands to carry the shopping or holding onto an excitable toddler.  We have found the product particularly invaluable for our growing families, especially when we have had to get an older child settled into school without negotiating a buggy or lifting a heavy car seat to the school door.  It makes any journey easier, be it hopping on the bus, tube or train, to walking around the airport. Holidays, walking the dog and even housework can be done with ease when using the i-angel hipseat baby carrier. 

Back home and many discussions later, ‘Dinky Dragon’ was born.  Our mission is simple: We want to distribute children’s products that we all can use and believe in.   The i-angel hipseat baby carrier is the first of many exciting and unique products that Dinky Dragon will bring to you. Once again, we’re back working together and loving every minute of it.  We really believe that the i-angel hipseat baby carrier will take the weight off your shoulders.