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Safety first

Safety first: With the i-angel baby carrier; weight is distributed between waist and shoulders. Recommended by medical professionals.

optimum weight distribution

The i-angel hipseat baby carrier complies to all relevant parts of the British Standard BS EN 13209-2:2005.


The optimal position for babies, when being carried, is to have their thighs supported and their hips and knees bent (flexed). For healthy hips, the legs should be allowed to spread apart naturally and for freedom of movement to occur. Having seen the i-angel baby carrier in use, I was impressed to see the baby well supported in a comfortable, seated position with appropriate support at the thighs in all possible positions of use. His position mimicked what we’d hope to see naturally with the hips spread and bent, knees bent and movement still able to occur. It is great to see a baby carrier allow for safe and comfortable carrying of the baby whilst maintaining a healthy position for the developing hips. 

Lucy Llewellyn-Stanton, Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist


As a Mum to three young children and as an Osteopath treating babies, children and parents, I am fully convinced of the multiple benefits of babywearing.  I have practised babywearing with all three of my own children and I was able to test and wear the i-angel carrier with my 9 month old baby.  I was very impressed to see that the carrier snuggly supports the baby’s back and thighs up to the mid-thigh – this distributes the pressure evenly through the baby’s thighs and back and avoids placing excessive pressure on the soft, developing pelvis. Importantly, the carrier holds the baby’s hips in a relaxed, externally rotated position which is the optimum position for proper hip development. What I feel is really different about the i-angel carrier is that it keeps the thighs supported and the hips externally rotated even when the baby is in a front facing forward carry position – in contrast to other front carriers which tend to dangle the baby from a knicker-like sling.

I found the i-angel really comfortable to wear. It offers very firm lumbar support - both in the front and back carrying positions - and well padded shoulder straps.  The seat element boosts the baby’s weight from below, which avoids placing a detrimental downward drag on the parent’s lumbar spine. The combination of thick lumbar and shoulder straps with the chest or back strap fastened distributes the baby’s weight well over the wearer’s torso.  In my experience, using a well built carrier puts a lot less strain, twisting and side-bending through a parents’ back, shoulders and hips than does repeated carrying without a sling or carrier.

As a parent I felt the organic teething pads were a great idea - my children have always soothed themselves by chewing the straps and webbing whilst being carried and it is reassuring to know they are chewing on fabric which is free from harmful chemicals.

Helen Wither (BSc(Hons)Ost), Registered Osteopath

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